Welcome to TotalBizz

TotalBizz is a one stop shop for all your business improvement needs. We are here to guide you, help you grow, ensure you get noticed and reach your full potential. Whether you are starting a brand new venture that you need help establishing or you have an existing company that needs a pick-me-up, we can help!! We have all you need to reach your goals, implement new and innovative ideas or even to help run your current operation more efficiently. We aim to fit any size or budget. We are just a click or a phone call away, let TotalBizz go to work for you!!
Passionate About Success
We go to work for you
Our mission is to provide you with all of the services you need to grow and improve under one roof. We strive for accessibility, approachability and affordability for you. Our focus is your success!!
Helping you Grow and get Noticed
For Small to Medium Sized Businesses
Whatever your business offers, whatever you do, we have a team of talented professionals with a variety of skills and experience to help you learn how to best share your business with the world and grow from your current standing to the top of your potential within your industry.
Approachable And Down To Earth
Your satisfaction is our success!!
We pride ourselves on being approachable and down to earth. We will never throw you into a technical abyss unassisted. We will work with you side by side every step of the way and ensure you understand and agree with what we are doing and how it will benefit you.
Team Of Professionals
Working together to serve you better
Ultimately our goal is to ensure you are satisfied, informed and that you see results. Our promise to you is to always give you the most honest straightforward advice and offer the most efficient approach to solving any problems you might have or establishing to ideas to help you succeed.
Countless Possibilities
We offer creativity and innovative ideas
TotalBizz specializes in the efficiency and growth of businesses big and small. Our aim is to help new and existing business owners find the missing pieces to expand and propel their venture into a prosperous future.   
Quality at Affordable Prices
We strive to accommodate any budget
Our goal is your satisfaction, we will do our best to help you reach your goals while doing so in the most honest, economical way possible. You can count on us to always put your best interests first and foremost. That is the TotalBizz promise!

What We Do

TotalBizz offers everything from web and logo design, business coaching, social media marketing and customer service training to Interim management and recruiting services.  Contact us for anything you need to improve, innovate and initiate for success.  Below you will find our most popular services but be sure to visit our Services page for additional information on the complete list of what we can do for you.
TotalBizz Assessment
Refreshing & Thorough
The Assessment is the stepping stone to improving your operation.
Website Design or Re-Design
Always up2date
TotalBizz can help you create or re-create an effective and appealing website.
Logo Design
Unique & Creative
Making a difference with memorable Logo Design & Logo Redesign.
Corporate Image Advice
Making a positive & lasting impression
Helping you create a effective, appealing and memorable corporate image.
Social Media Marketing
Word of Mouth
Social media marketing is one of the most powerful and low cost marketing strategies.
Customer Service Training
Service Excellence
Customer retention and repeat customers are key to the success of a company.

About TotalBizz

TotalBizz started out in 2013 in the Netherlands and then spread it’s wings. TotalBizz Netherlands is still going strong but with it’s main location now in Missisauga, Canada TotalBizz truly took a huge leap into the future and into helping its clients. Contact us now for a free consultation and experience how TotalBizz can help your business.

For who

TotalBizz specializes in the efficiency and growth of businesses no matter what industry or size.  Our aim is to help new and existing business owners find the missing pieces to expand and propel their venture.  From independent grocers to tattoo shops, medical and dental clinics, to large corporate businesses,  we are here to help you put yourself out there and achieve the success you aspire to. Our mission is to get you there as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.